The government of the Russian Federation writes off on COVID-19 the misses – the sociologist

The government of the Russian Federation will hide for коронавирус which negative consequences should be considered as result of a policy of the Russian authorities, the sociologist, the professor of the Moscow higher school of social and economic sciences (МВШСН) Boris Kagarlitsky considers. He has declared it on March, 27th to the correspondent of news agency REGNUM. According to the expert, long-term optimisation of medicine has led to a situation when in the country practically does not remain other means for struggle against epidemic, except quarantine. Kagarlitsky has underlined that quarantine measures are caused by that the modern «optimised» system of public health services simply does not cope with mass flow of patients.

«Conservative and optimistic forecasts which are divided by the government, assume recession of economy in 2020 of an order of 3 %. It is bad, but is not extreme. I have a sensation that all is much worse. A problem — not коронавирус. If at us the public health services system was capable to accept and process in 2−3 times of more patients, than now in general no quarantines would be necessary basically, — has told Kagarlitsky. — It is possible to tell that epidemic коронавируса is epidemic of economic character, and medical. We will see economic consequences much heavier, than what are predicted by the government».
According to Kagarlitsky, most real of optimistic forecasts is a recession of economy of the Russian Federation of an order of 10 %.

Let’s remind, as informed news agency REGNUM, results of poll spent by experts of the Center of strategic workings out, have shown that in Russia every fifth company (20 %) plans to cut down salaries to employees because of the crisis caused COVID-19.

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