Syphilis — the venereal disease amazing all systems and bodies of the person. The syphilis activator — pale Treponema (Treponema pallidum). It is in most cases transferred by a sexual way, thus infection is possible through damages of a skin and transplacentary (from sick mother to a fruit). The syphilis activator gets to a human body through a mucous membrane and a skin, extending on all organism in a current of several hours from the moment vor Infection.

Symptoms of a syphilis and development stage

Syphilis stages share on primary, secondary and tertiary. Often disease proceeds without complaints and symptoms and can be revealed at passage of inspection at doctors of other specialities, at medical inspections or prophylactic medical examination. After full treatment from a syphilis there is a danger of repeated infection.

At people with the expressed immunodeficiency disease can be characterised by a malignant current. The syphilis can lead to heavy complications, cause defeat of nervous, cardiovascular system, an internal.

The incubatory period of 3-4 weeks, term can sometimes vary from 1 till 13 weeks. On a skin in a place of introduction of a microorganism of the activator of a syphilis appears firm шанкр – an ulcer with the firm basis and dense edges. At a friction шанкра there is an allocation of the liquid containing microorganisms of activators of a syphilis. Patients with шанкром genitals are especially infectious at sexual contacts. The lymph nodes close Shanker, increase in size.

Shankers appear in a place of introduction of the activator at the moment of infection. More often — on genitals, can be on a mucous rectum, an oral cavity, on a red border of lips

In the absence of timely treatment in some weeks of an ulcer pass, but syphilis activators remain in an organism and continue to breed.

At a secondary stage of a syphilis activators of a syphilis from Shankr and lymph nodes are carried on all organism by a blood current, getting into a skin, and cause repeated damage. On all body lymph nodes increase.

Symptoms of a secondary syphilis appear in a current 6 – 12 weeks after occurrence Shanker. The general symptoms — a nausea, temperature, the general weakness, appetite loss, sometimes a headache, hearing deterioration, dizziness, decrease in sight and a pain in bones can be Poorly expressed and not be marked by the patient. Occurrence syphilitic Darmatit (the small pink rash which is not accompanied by an itch and painful sensations) is characteristic. On hair head parts can be formed hair fall sites.

Syphilis one more sign – wide Kindeloms, it вегетирующие the skin growths appearing in skin folds and in damp areas of a gut.

At patients the increase Lympho knots, a liver, a spleen is observed. 10 % of patients have defeats of eyes, bones, joints, covers of a brain, a liver, kidneys, spleens.

The latent period of a syphilis — disease symptoms are absent, infection signs are defined only at research of analyses of blood of the patient. Great value differential diagnostics of the latent forms of an active syphilis and displays серорезистентности, серорецидивов at пролеченых before patients now has.

Late forms of a syphilis share on a syphilis of cardiovascular system, нейросифилис with symptoms and asymptoms, a late syphilis not specified, other forms.

The syphilis at the pregnant woman complicates a current of pregnancy and can become the reason of developmental anomalies of a fruit or even to cause its  destruction. During pregnancy it is necessary to make regularly tests on a syphilis.

In the course of diagnostics of such serious disease it is not necessary to make to itself the diagnosis even at its obviously expressed characteristic semiology, signs. All the matter is that the rash, consolidation and increase in lymph nodes can prove and at other diseases as a characteristic sign. For this reason physicians diagnose disease by means of visual survey of the patient, revealing on a body of characteristic symptoms and by carrying out of laboratory researches.

In the course of all-round diagnostics of disease the patient passes:

Survey at the dermatologist and the venereologist. These experts inspect the patient, its genitals and лимфоузлов, integuments, gathering of the anamnesis and a direction on laboratory researches.
Revealing трепонемы in internal contents, a liquid гумм and шанкре by application ПЦР, direct reaction on Immun fluorescence and by means of carrying out Darkly Floors microscopy.
Besides it, doctors spend also various testings:

untrepply – in this case as a part of blood in the conditions of laboratory reveal presence of antibodies against a virus, and also Fosfolypids fabrics which collapse it. It is reaction of Vassermana, VDRL and others.
Darkly Floors when as a part of blood diagnose presence or absence of antibodies to such activator as pale трепонема. It is the REEF, RPGA, IFA, research on level Immunblockings.
Besides it, doctors appoint also carrying out of tool methods of inspection for search гумм is a carrying out of research by means of ultrasonic, МРТ, КТ and x-ray pictures.

Modern treatment by effective preparations allows to speak about timely treatment of the patient but only in the event that disease has not passed in last stage of the current when many bodies are destroyed and amazed, bones and joints, to restore which it is impossible.

Exclusively qualified doctor the venereologist in the conditions of a medical hospital should spend pathology treatment, leaning against results of the spent survey, poll of the patient and the results, the spent laboratory and tool researches.

So syphilis treatment in house conditions, own both national methods and recipes is inadmissible. It is necessary to remember that this disease is not simple ОРВИ which can be cured hot tea with a raspberry is rather serious infectious the period, destroying an organism from within. At the first suspicions, disease symptoms – immediately to address to the doctor, to pass inspection and the appointed course of treatment.

The therapy course occupies a lot of time – process of recover long and here the main thing to be reserved by considerable patience.

As the medical statistics and practice of doctors shows – the started cases can be treated not one year. To speak about recover it is possible only after laboratory acknowledgement of the diagnosis – it is healthy, but not to stop in any way it after all spots and ulcer formations, consolidations will descend from a body Lympho Knots.

The main thing that the patient should remember, receiving medical treatment – for this time completely to exclude any sex.

Even if at the partner results have shown negative result of presence in an activator organism – nevertheless it is recommended to it to pass a course of preventive treatment. Course of treatment of a syphilis provides some directions – about it and speech will go further.


To each patient, the man and women during passage of course of treatment appoint reception of antibiotics – the activator of the given infectious disease is sensitive to them. So the preparation, duration of its reception and a dosage are appointed by the doctor in an individual order taking into account all analyses and results of survey of the patient.

Illness is sensitive to such groups of preparations:

The preparations containing in the structure penicillin;
Macroleads and antibiotic of Tseftriakson.
So the antibiotics containing in the structure penicillin, rather effectively operate in time treatments, fatally affecting the pathology activator. At diagnosing of a primary syphilis they give fine dynamics of treatment.

Today Dermatonevrologs in KWD 1 cities of St.-Petersburg do not practise a technique of the first shock dose of introduction of penicillin – the technique of intramuscular introduction of a preparation with an interval at each 3 o’clock that provides its constant concentration in an organism is more effective.


So the preparations comprising penicillin, perfectly help and with struggle against early stages of a current нейросифилиса but while the nervous system has not undergone irreversible changes in the work, and also at the congenital nature of defeat of an organism a syphilis.

If the third stage of a current of a syphilis is diagnosed – before a course of reception of penicillin it is necessary to pass 2-week therapy by such preparations as Tetraciclin or erythromycin.


The syphilis and its treatment азитромицином, a preparation (antibiotic) of new generation, macroleads also show good results, in the efficiency, without conceding antibiotics of penicillinic group. Thus – collateral, negative consequences from a preparation are minimum.

Unique restriction for appointment vor Asitromocin eats diagnosing at the patient of a HIV of an infection. Daily reception 2 gramm vor Azitromicin allows to cure even late forms of a syphilis for six-month-old course of treatment, but here the congenital form of disease to treatment by this preparation is not spent.


Syphilis treatment by such preparation as Ceftriackson also yields the positive results and dynamics – it appoint even to pregnant women and in especially started cases. All connections which are a part of the given preparation suppress internal synthesis of division and growth of cages pale трепонемы.

The treatment scheme is simple – 1 prick in day, course of treatment not less half a year. Unique restriction – to treat the congenital form of a syphilis the given preparation doctors do not spend.

If the doctor diagnoses the latent form of a current of a syphilis – the scheme of treatment and preparations are similar, added with a reception course Immunstymulators and physiotherapeutic procedures.

After you will start to treat for a syphilis, your doctor will ask you:

Periodically to make blood tests, to be convinced that the organism positively answers a usual dosage of penicillin;
To avoid sexual contact while treatment will not be finished, and analyses of blood will not show that the infection has been completely cured;
To inform the partners on disease that they also have taken place diagnostics and if necessary treatment;
To pass diagnostics on a HIV-infection.


Mothers infected with a syphilis, are exposed to risk of abortions, premature birth. Also there is a risk of that mother with a syphilis will transfer illness on the fruit. It is an illness kind it is known as a congenital syphilis.

The congenital syphilis can be life-threatening. The babies who were born with a congenital syphilis, can have also the following illnesses:

External ugliness;
Arrests of development;
Liver or spleen inflammation;
Infectious sores.
If the child has a congenital syphilis, and it is not found out, at the child the syphilis of a late stage can develop. It can lead to problems with:


The syphilis can cause a number of problems with your nervous system, including:

Hearing loss;
Loss of a pain and temperature sensations;
Sexual dysfunction at men (impotence);
Incontience of urine at women and at men;
Sudden, lightning pains.

They can include to an aneurysm and an aorta inflammation – the basic artery of your body – and other blood vessels. The syphilis can damage heart valves also.


At people with a syphilis the probability of infection of a HIV considerably increases. Ulcers on a body of the patient, facilitate penetration of a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in an organism.

Also it is important to notice that people from a HIV can test various symptoms of a syphilis.

For today doctors and scientists yet have not invented special vaccines which act as effective preventive maintenance of a syphilis.

If earlier the patient has had been ill this venereal infection – he can catch and have been ill with it again. As consequence – only preventive measures will help to avoid Inficiering and by that not to admit defeat of an internal and organism systems.

First of all, it is necessary to exclude chaotic sexual relations with the unchecked partner, in particular, without a condom. If such sex also was – immediately process genitals an antiseptic tank and will visit the doctor for routine inspection and inspection.

Syphilis presence does not mean once that the person is protected from it. After he will recover, it is possible to replace it again.

It is enough to understand that is far not each person knows that it at present acts as the carrier of an infection and if the patient conducts regular sexual life, doctors recommend to pass regularly survey at The narrowprophyll doctors, to make tests on ZPPP, thereby, revealing disease at early stages of its current.

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