Growth of unemployment and the lost salaries — COVID-19 beats on a labour market

The international organisation of work has published results of researches.
The world virus pandemic seriously affects work sphere. It not only threatens population health, but also can lead to social and economic shocks which will have fatal consequences for life-support and well-being of millions people. About it it is told in research of the International organisation of work.

One of such consequences is the begun crisis of economy which in the long term can bring down the labour market. According to experts the SQUANDERER, as a result without work can remain about 25 million persons.

In research it is noticed that this year workers can lose to $3,4 млрд payments because of closing of the enterprises, changes in the schedule of work and deterioration of working conditions.

To develop
How it is shown коронавирус?
Let’s remind that since yesterday Kiev has passed in a mode of total isolation which the minimum till April, 3rd will last. However, life in a city does not stop. Many offices and restaurants already reformatted the work on the removed.

It is obvious, what not all companies presume to work to themselves from the house. For example, manufacturers of production of mass consumption, sellers of supermarkets, employees of the gas station. It is clear that such and similar services to give from the house it is impossible. But on «удаленке» employees of the companies which not necessarily be in office or on manufacture can work is, for example, staff of departments of the finance, marketing, HR or IT.

Employees of such manufactures have all the same the right not to come to work because of national quarantine and to take paid or labour vacation.

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