Disintegration of Russia

Disintegration of Russia — hypothetical scenarios and forecasts of disintegration of the Russian Federation as uniform state, and also opinion and the analysis of consequences of this event. Russia, as well as any other country, tests as integration, and dezintegracionnye processes, and the last bear in themselves threat of disintegration of the country. This theme

In Hong Kong, a coronavirus was detected in a domestic cat

A coronavirus test gave a positive result for a domestic cat in Hong Kong, according to the Chinese international television channel CGTN. First, COVID-19 was detected in the owner of the animal. It is noted that the cat did not have any symptoms of infection.

Unemployment growth in the Russian Federation will be followed by crash of the social state – the forecast

If unemployment in the Russian Federation accepts mass character, having fallen outside the limits 10−12 % disorganisation of all social and economic processes is possible, the sociologist, the professor of the Moscow Higher school of social and economic sciences (МВШСН) Boris Kagarlitsky considers. He has declared it on March, 27th to the correspondent of news

Growth of unemployment and the lost salaries — COVID-19 beats on a labour market

The international organisation of work has published results of researches. The world virus pandemic seriously affects work sphere. It not only threatens population health, but also can lead to social and economic shocks which will have fatal consequences for life-support and well-being of millions people. About it it is told in research of the International

Mr Navalny about the middle class according to Putin

Alexey Navalny talks about the economic situation in Russia and on the global commodity market. I apologize for the poor quality of sound and translation, now I have no other opportunity. If possible, I ask you to send donations to the specified details. I don’t ask much, but who can how much … Thank you

Impending disaster dollar 79 euro 85 oil 28

The Stream for blogger and businessman Eugene Bychkovsky. The stream is dedicated to problems in Russia, Russian poetics, the Russian economy and the country’s civil society. It also touches on all the negative events taking place today in the World and on global commodity markets, and how all this greatly affects the Russian economy. I


The transfer of the journalist Alexander Sotnik with the name «Scrapopanorama». This program is about politics, but in a satirical genre. The subject is devoted to problems in the global world, but primarily in Russia, its economy and civil society, which in recent years has been almost completely destroyed. I apologize for the poor quality

Amendments to the Constitution

The Video for blogger Oleg Fixa. We are talking about all the recent negative events in the world and especially in the Russian economy. I apologize for the poor quality of sound and translation, now I have no other opportunity. If possible, I ask you to send donations to the specified details. I don’t ask


Сифилис — венерическое заболевание, удивительное все системы и тела человека. Активатор сифилиса — бледный трепонема (Трепонема pallidum). Это в большинстве случаев передано сексуальным путем, таким образом инфекция возможна через убытки кожи и трансплацентарно (от больной матери к фруктам). Активатор сифилиса добирается до человеческого тела через слизистую мембрану и кожу, простирающуюся на всем организме в потоке